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Reimagining Ticketing Management: A Modern Solution for Saltwater Disposal and Oil Custody Transfer Sites



In response to the growing demands of our expanding customer base, we are thrilled to introduce a groundbreaking overhaul of our ticketing system software. This reimagined web application is designed to streamline operations, enhance flexibility, and provide an improved user experience for both saltwater disposal and oil custody transfer sites.

Challenges and Evolution:

As our client list has grown exponentially, the complexity of accommodating diverse customer requirements via configuration settings has become increasingly unwieldy. The need for a more scalable, modular solution has become evident. Our new approach abandons the one-size-fits-all configuration in favor of a modular system, enabling tailored features for each customer while also facilitating individual module customization.

Modules for Tailored Experiences:

The heart of our innovation lies in the implementation of a module system. This system allows us to curate distinct experiences for each customer, effectively eliminating bloat and ensuring a nimble software framework. For instance, a new customer seeking oil custody transfer site ticketing will access different modules compared to a saltwater disposal site customer. This modular approach ensures precision and relevance in features, enhancing user satisfaction.

Progressive Web App and Push Notifications:

To enhance accessibility and usability, we are excited to introduce a Progressive Web App (PWA) version of our software. This responsive design optimizes the mobile experience, allowing users to seamlessly access the platform from any device. Moreover, our integration of push notifications will facilitate real-time alerts and updates, ensuring efficient communication.

Revolutionizing Architecture:

Gone are the complexities of the previous architecture with mini-PCs and Raspberry Pis. In the new setup, each customer will be equipped with their dedicated Virtual Private Server (VPS), accessible via personalized subdomains. This eliminates bottlenecks, improves scalability, and ensures a more agile system capable of accommodating future growth.

Expanded User Roles and Auditing:

Recognizing the diverse roles involved in ticketing processes, our revamped software will introduce additional user roles, such as “trucking company” and “driver.” This facilitates smoother interactions and aligns user access with specific authorization policies. Furthermore, the inclusion of a comprehensive user action audit log bolsters accountability and transparency.

Streamlined User Onboarding:

We’ve heeded user feedback and revamped the registration invitation system. The convoluted process of downloading zip folders and VPN certificates is replaced by a streamlined, secure approach. New users will receive automatic email invitations containing secure signup links, simplifying the onboarding process and enhancing user satisfaction.


Our reimagined software marks a significant leap forward in the ticketing system landscape for saltwater disposal and oil custody transfer sites. With modular customization, a user-centric approach, and a streamlined architecture, we are confident in delivering an unparalleled software solution that empowers businesses to thrive in this evolving industry landscape. Embrace the future of ticketing management with us.

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